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    Based in Dublin, Ireland

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At Safecharge

An alternative payment method to be used for people on betting sites, helping them safely access and move their money, offering a choice to send and receive money from friends

Thorntons Recycling App

At Púca

Thorntons Recycling wanted to optimise their customer experience by providing a customer self-care app. How to allow customers to access to their accounts and provide them with real time information and service updates.

Motivation App, user research

(In Progress)

How to incorporate a new habit in our lives has never been easy, that is the reason of this study and the main goal of the product, to help people to accomplish their goal and start incorporating something beneficial to their lives routines, so the first thing to do is to understand the problem space a little better, to build some empathy with the behavior changers and to find out what really drives them.


Product Designer Challenge

CurrencyFair is an online product where you can exchange and transfer your money overseas - a cheaper, faster way to safely send money abroad than the banks

Visual Design


Product Designer/ UX designer with a degree on Graphic Design. Currently based in Dublin, Ireland, with many years of experience in the Design Digital area. My work mainly focuses on solve users problems and the definition of design strategies, define structures and behavior of the interaction systems.

My main goal is to create solutions that respond to the needs and desires of the product users, in a way that is usable, pleasing, and memorable and last creating meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use.

Understanding the business value behind every design decision. Using data to support every design decision, user research to check our assumptions, and measure success through business and engagement metrics. Experience working on Scrum and Agile environments. Applying Lean UX methodologies.