Project Overview

How to incorporate a new habit in our lives has never been easy, that is the reason of this study and the main goal of the product, to help people to accomplish their goal and start incorporating something beneficial to their lives routines, so the first thing to do is to understand the problem space a little better, to build some empathy with the behavior changers and to find out what really drives them.

Empathy Research

Customer Interviews

To start with the research customer Interviews were planned and done to understand better the users. A 1:1 interviews were conducted with people to explore the problem and identify opportunities for improvement within the problem space. The interviews were done in a coffee shop, recording it on the phone to not distract people while they were talking, the idea with the interview was to learn from their experiences making the interview as a conversation, trying to show a genuine interest in their answers and observing their behavioral cues, such as facial expression and body language.

The main goal for the study was to to learn about the people who are fighting to change a behavior, what are they doing to change it, their motivations and frustrations, goals and needs. What are they currently doing to help themselves to accomplish their goals. I was interested to learn more about:

User research transcription interview

Empathy Map

With the data collected in the research phase empathy maps of some of the users were created. For each of empathy maps any record of Tensions, Contradictions or Surprises from the research were described on the map.

Competitor Analysis
Feature matrix

Feature matrix were done to understand where different features of competitors sit in terms of cost vs value to the consumer. This was done to determine what a minimum viable product could be in terms of features, also to understand the competitors.

Framing the problem

Generatarion of ideas and potential solutions “Point of View statements” to gain a clearer insight into the real problems facing our users.

Crazy eights exercise

A timer for 20 minutes were set to quickly generate as many ideas as possible based on the POV statements and HMW. The goal was to sketch out 8 different potential solutions to the 'How Might We' problem statements generated previously.